/u/kn0wing is a total dick!

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0.9062 Interesting day when the rights best chance of winning a presidential election rests on the shoulders of a cult leader....twice.
0.8176 If you would like to continue this discussion please state your points and I will be happy to respond.
0.7717 Please point out above where I said police DON'T have a responsibility to maintain order and keep civilians and themselves safe? It's like you don't even read what I type.
0.7351 Please tell me how God saved you..
0.7264 UN Resolution 242 is pretty fucking clear.
0.7089 The difference between me and you is I don't have a 'side' where you on the other hand most certainly do.
0.6423 Also, your friends didn't die for the right to protest.
0.6369 Good thing no one is talking about the situation you just described, but thanks for the input.
0.6249 Fact. Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;" Do you really believe the shit you are saying?
0.6142 Yes. For the record you called me a Palsbarist before I called you anything so don't blame me for the ad hominem.
0.6035 Keep making excuses for apartheid Israel and their attempts at genocide, but don't start crying when Jews around the world who support these crimes against humanity are persecuted for it.

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-0.9633 Fire this motherfucker and then arrest him for threatening to kill someone while pointing a gun in their face.
-0.9531 They died because they made a shitty decision to fight bullshit wars for an out of control government.
-0.9464 Doesn't the US attack and kill people who fund terrorism the same as the people who carry out terrorist attacks?
-0.9255 What I said was if a Jewish person funds an ILLEGAL settlement that then harms a innocent person should the person that funded the ILLEGAL settlement be punished?
-0.9022 Example: Let's say one of the Jews that were attacked funded the building of an illegal settlement in the West Bank where a Palestinian child was killed.
-0.8885 You don't get to walk around pointing a gun at unarmed people while threatening to kill them and not be held accountable.
-0.872 I was trying to be nice, but here's a quick recap for your retarded ass: ME
-0.8591 No one gives a fuck about 'ancestral homeland' bullshit.
-0.8531 Who should Palestinians call to report the ILLEGAL settlements on their land and the systematic discrimination of their people? Stop trying to make me out to be a Jew hater.
-0.8271 There are 100's of mega churches around the US that fund these illegal settlements where acts of violence occur quite regularly.
-0.8188 WTF! That's how you lose all of your rights.
-0.7845 You know how Israel, Great Britain and the US punish people who support terrorism the same as the people who carry out terrorist acts?