/u/kn0thing is very positive!

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0.9455 Not just love, but appreciation and gratefulness that she and mom were OK.
0.9176 Sorry for the delay on this but I hope everything went great for mom and future Skins fan!
0.8426 Reddit wasnt founded with a grand vision but with a desire to create something of value to users, he said.
0.8239 I haven't seen a Skins defense play like this in a big game against a great team in a minute.
0.8074 It's pretty great.
0.7906 We have a great design team here now that does a way better job with Snoo than I ever did.
0.7876 [Yes, I told it on Kimmel], but I agree that 'true redditors' will remember when it happened.
0.784 Redditors like you all are making it great!
0.7717 Daddit has been super helpful this whole pregnancy and I'm guessing will be especially so now .
0.7269 They've been super supportive.
0.7269 Pally, I'm a big fan -- your channel taught me how to play HoTS, which is now basically the one game I play with what free-time I have.

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-0.6124 she loves LOTR and The Hobbit, but GoT is too violent for her.
-0.5553 Because they don't know how awesome it is here!
-0.5267 No pressure, right?
-0.4588 That little guy makes me jealous sometimes.
-0.4588 This is immediately what my mind jumped to when I first got attacked by a swarm of bugs in Gunheart.
-0.4215 I'll try and make the Raiders game, but no baby or babymama for that one.
-0.4019 I introduced them to her individually briefly and they've been her bodyguards ever since. Chip puffs up when anyone approaches her and gets really concerned when she cries.
-0.4019 you didn't learn about Reddit from one of those posters I put up around grounds?... Damn.
-0.3818 Classic 'game manager.' I don't recall him actually losing games for the Ravens.
-0.3595 [I had no idea what a 'Scottish tablet' was -- looks tasty!
-0.296 No, I'm not even on my tiptoes, u/onTipToe
-0.2732 The cut I had on Kimmel is my latest incarnation and probably going to stick around at least until my wedding.