/u/kmizz_foshizz is very positive!

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0.9552 very sexy ;) honestly you could keep me rock hard if you were dressed in full winter clothing lol ;) definitely prefer you like this and/or nude tho!!
0.9491 I couldn't help but shower your lovely pale body with rope after thick rope of my warm, creamy cum ;) drench your body from neck all the way down to your perfect ginger pussy ;)
0.9381 would love to cum across that sexy black top dripping down your beautiful pale stomach ;) soo hot!
0.9309 such a perfect, pale body with some hot tattoos, and a lovely little brown bush ;) my cock is super hard imagining all the warm, creamy cum I want to burst all over you ;)
0.91 Love if u spread those beautiful cheeks so I can squirt my baby gravy directly at your sexy little asshole
0.8955 ohhh yess you deserve a nice fat, creamy load splattering across your big, beautiful pale tits ;) see how bright your pale tits would shine with a nice creamy load of cum splattered across them!
0.8908 Love to pull out of your dripping wet pussy and blast my huge thick load all across your lovely milky white body!
0.8887 awww that is such a shame a beautiful, sexy all natural redhead babe such as yourself hasn't been properly fucked in sometime!
0.8834 definitely dream of those lovely pale titties getting splattered and covered in my warm, creamy load ;)
0.8834 wish you would drop your big beautiful ass down on my face so you can experience my tongue diving abilities ;) would love to taste both of your tight little pink holes ;)
0.8832 can't get over how small, tight, pale, and of course sexy your lovely little pale ginger body is ;) bet I wouldn't last more than a minute in bed with you ;) soo hot!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8074 Lets 69 and ill tongue fuck your tight pink holes while u devour my hard cock
-0.6679 holy shit!!!
-0.6517 mmmm...pretty please let me tongue fuck that tight little pink asshole/pussy of yours??!!??!!!!
-0.6351 I bet you make shit loads of $$ live camming!!
-0.6229 holy fuck!!
-0.6114 my cock is soo damn hard!
-0.5582 makes my cock so damn hard ;)
-0.5538 hot damn!!!
-0.5538 mmmm sooo damn hot!!!
-0.5386 ;) turns me right the fuck on!!!
-0.4574 an all natural ginger hottie such as yourself shouldn't ever have to want for a hard cock to fuck you!
-0.34 Hehe...when my cock goes from soft to insant hard on from browsing your posts, I imagine all the dirty, naughty, kinky things Id like to do