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0.8932 Wow awesome response, thank you so much really!
0.8748 Sound like a great advise I really appreciate it, now the tricky thing would be to convince my wife of this hehe
0.8511 is wow Presto Fresh really looks good, is it something local?
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.7506 And oh yeah we love craft beer, we even brewed a small batch once.
0.743 Wow thank you so much for all the tips : )
0.7178 Thanks, all the info was really helpful.
0.7088 Interesting, thanks!
0.6808 I've seen that, there's a ton of things to do, museums, concerts, restaurants and bars, we're pretty excited.
0.6705 Which I would hope is unlikely, but it's definitely a possibility.
0.6588 This is awesome!

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-0.6187 We went there and payed some security deposit, but we're having second thoughts, we saw a lot of bad reviews online.
-0.296 fue la primera renovacion ahorita, ojala tengamos suerte en el sorteo de la H1B; la empresa aplica cada ao y ya de ahi hacen la aplicacion para la GC no se al cuanto tiempo eso si.
-0.2057 I'm not certain about what my monthly paycheck will be yet, I still need to figure out W4, I9, PMO and all those taxes and insurance decisions.
0.0 Most of it we already do for TN renewals.
0.0 En Sherwin-Williams, soy web dev.
0.0 Gracias por las respuestas!
0.0 Lei tu post hace tiempo cuando lo publicaste.
0.0 El caso es que a todos los empleados extranjeros nos meten al sorteo de la H1B cada ao, se que las probabilidades son pocas.
0.0 Quiero preguntarte cuantas veces se puede renovar las TN/TD y si con la H1B mi esposa va a poder chambear?
0.0 Who's Victoria?
0.0 como estuvo esa onda?
0.0 Rola tu ensayo