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0.9324 I would love to win the Witcher 3, thanks for the giveaway this is really nice
0.9319 Oh wow that actually looks really awesome I really love the varied colours.
0.9153 Thank you for the help, and investing a little more research could help me find a sweet spot until I'm better equipped in future
0.8922 Also I'd never actually heard of Fightcade but it looks awesome, also I'm very much into JoJo so if it has that then I'm game haha.
0.8852 I figured out it was simply a case of not being used to the new controller so I will try my best to get used to it, though I feel maybe trying out a fightstick might be a more comfortable solution.
0.8826 So yeah I'd recommend it as one of the best sticks for the price that doesn't cut back on quality.
0.8658 It arrived today and I'm honestly loving it a lot, a lot of my inputs I'm actually finding easier tho dashing left/right will take some getting used to.
0.8617 Buying your food from one place could drastically save money over another so being a smart shopper is always ideal.
0.8588 Seems like the best bet, Thank you!
0.836 Oh wow that's awesome
0.836 Gonna be honest its the SuperBestFriendcast, it's like sitting with a room full of friends with them all talking about their week.

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-0.7345 Street Fighter X Guilty Gear in the GGXRD visual style, it'd probably be dumb but I do not care
-0.7248 Is it normal to see the orange lag icons despite having a stable low ping and no visible lag either?
-0.6486 The buttons are very reasonably priced but I fear the colour selecting may absorb my time a lot.
-0.5994 People have been getting by all this time without them so from my viewpoint they're more of a luxury if that makes sense, and no problem I'm still fairly new myself.
-0.5729 I couldn't believe it when I got hit by an instant kill and immediately lost I'm so glad that was changed later.
-0.5719 the power of clinical depression
-0.5614 thankfully my current CPU cooler is actually LGA1151 compatible so maybe there's no reason not to just go the whole way if i'll have no regrets.
-0.529 Gonna be honest not too well and it probably derives heavily from some personal accidents in the past and some obsessive compulsive disorder.
-0.5248 I've picked up an original version and I must say it's a lot less ridiculous than my Lite model, but uh either one isn't particularly good.
-0.4939 I actually have the exact same thing and have the memory of being repulsed by that part of district 9.
-0.4767 A shame because IMO the rumble in Pokemon pinball actually surpasses it
-0.4391 I am in my third year of University level journalism because I am highly critical of things and have no self worth