/u/kingcon2k11 is slightly positive.

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0.9118 I'm glad at least someone likes me ha, thanks man, I like you too
0.8834 I disagree but I get what you mean about Hurley and Red, not Maladroit and Green though, even for a causal listener or a new fan they're pretty good and catchy
0.8519 Meh, not really, catchy hooks and skillful work = I like them, then good times and memories with that music = love.
0.8407 You just wear your freak flag so dod gamn high and it really inspires me. Huge fan of your music, discovered you through Connan, really wishing you'll play in Leeds one day
0.8111 I hope they play So Low or Love Explosion live in October
0.7814 Also I'm not saying Maladroit is better than MMT, I haven't heard MMT anyway so I can't judge but theres a difference between personal enjoyment and objective ranking
0.7783 I'm glad I could win at this aspect of life
0.7783 I agree with what the other guy said below but yeah I agree about Maladroit and Hurley
0.7412 I cannot believe Revenge of The Iceman is a bonus track.
0.7184 That and Ode To The Goat are my two favorites and I am amazed they're not officially on the albums
0.7096 I'd disagree, I'd give it a 7, same as Fantano, I like more songs from it than ones I don't plus it features Time Flies which is my favorite Weezer song, maybe favorite song ever

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-0.7269 Damn we are a sub full of losers.
-0.6908 Greif is definitely the worst pain I've felt.
-0.6486 SFTBH is joined 1st, DTFM is dead last.
-0.6369 I get hated by myself
-0.6369 hated by Caamt
-0.6269 Am I still so mad?
-0.6113 Am I still so sad?
-0.6096 I don't think most people hate it.
-0.5994 Is this what I'll see before I die?
-0.5994 Death Grips
-0.5719 Just the self loathing though.
-0.5423 Damn, what a strange coincidence, I was just searching for posts about this song and you made this three hours ago.