/u/kelseybee13 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8823 I absolutely LOVE this color and it looks so good on you!
0.8807 I love zumba, especially when I need an extra fun boost.
0.8595 I find this story so beautifully adorable!
0.8588 What a great story and awesome writing skills!
0.85 I thought I loved Doughboys because of the hype but Donut Bistro is the best.
0.8478 Your story is adorable, thanks for sharing!
0.8356 How beautiful and perfect!
0.8316 Delicious doughnuts and awesome staff.
0.8313 It sounds delicious and it looks amazing!
0.8274 The anime made Go seem so fun and exciting, does the manga do the same?
0.8271 I can't imagine what you're going through right now but I hope your circumstances become better.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7129 She told me it was going to be a surprise but didn't get anything now because I'm so selfish.
-0.6369 My sister and I would play Doom while listening to Die Prinzen.
-0.5719 I had to come back to this thread and find your post to comment, just to get enough anger out to go to sleep.
-0.5423 7th birthdays must just be bad.
-0.5423 His brother turned to me, horrified, and asked what I was doing.
-0.4939 They saw good when I felt angry and bitter.
-0.4588 Rude by Magic.
-0.4425 I didn't want that job but no one else wanted me.
-0.4404 It looks a bit painful.
-0.4031 I'm sorry yours wasn't good.
-0.3919 I used to be driven to change the world but my experiences have lead me feeling jaded about this topic.
-0.3818 I'm sorry she lost the contest.