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0.942 You had so much respect and passion for the game, and that shone so clearly through both your game play, and through your positive attitude as a person.
0.9228 Wishing you all the best & happy holidays!!!
0.9168 Hope you're enjoying home life again & happy holidays to you & your family!
0.908 As a BB super fan since season 6, you truly were one of my all time favorite players!
0.906 I wish you all the best and I know you'll do great things!
0.8983 This has been my favorite season in forever so I will be sad when the hype dies down but I'll definitely stay active here :)
0.8977 I saved some of your best moments from the feeds so that even when feeds are down, I can look back on them and laugh!
0.8812 The sister dynamic between you & Alex was SO fun to watch, and watching the relationship grow between the two of you was one of my favorite things about this season!
0.877 I am so so SO happy for you and your win.
0.872 :) And I'll credit my mom for giving me a name good enough for a distinctive social media handle
0.8452 You seriously seem like such a sweet, genuine person and I am still so thrilled for you!!

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-0.8942 3) Do you think things went downhill with Jason when you sat on the "wrong couch" and he threw the most childish temper tantrum?
-0.7425 Ugh that made me very mad when she said that to you.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6185 I've heard rumors that it's cancelled or something but if not CBS PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
-0.5867 Just didn't want it to come off as being rude towards Kryssie!!
-0.5838 Just know that the nights that were especially hard for you, a lot of us were right there with you feeling your pain!
-0.4812 But I put it on private on YouTube because I kind of felt bad about it after Didn't want to offend Kryssie!
-0.4559 I hated that you had to wait until you got out to find out that that WAS NOT true!!
-0.3404 Don't feel like you have to answer them all!
0.0 Didn't even think of that!
0.0 I have that!!
0.0 I'll tweet it to you when I get home from work.