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0.9118 if it's an unwritten rule then it isn't really a rule at all, and clearly upwards of 5000 people loved the cute photo of the kids :)
0.9013 Good luck, that's a very thoughtful proposal :)
0.8955 Wow, you got super lucky here!
0.8876 Not really a game to play by yourself because it takes away half the fun; I played with two friends and we had a blast.
0.8839 It isn't an easy game but it's so beautiful it's worth the effort!
0.8718 At the end of the day, shitpost or not, all you've managed to achieve is gathering more positivity about my tattoo that I'm pretty proud of.
0.8519 Majoras Mask for me :) loved how dark it was, and the constant sense of impending doom was great.
0.8481 Thanks for all the positive comments, I appreciate it.
0.836 I had the pleasure of riding the Jacobite for my birthday in June, genuinely the best train journey I've ever been on.
0.8271 Easily 10x better than the original post, well done.
0.8004 Tri Force Heroes was so much fun!

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-0.6643 AGREED can't help like this title was chosen on purpose, I got all upset and now I'm relieved and a little pissed -.-
-0.6372 ridiculous isn't it :')
-0.6124 Yeah, but most of the time they fail and just end up looking like a bit of a twat :)
-0.6115 Nah mate, just got a really sick tattoo and wanted to show it off.
-0.5983 ah, luckily I'm not the type that allows behavioural constraints to be imposed upon me, which I guess is something of a necessity here on reddit where there's always negativity rearing its ugly head!
-0.3788 But it really aches afterwards!
-0.34 Unfortunately not, this was done in Liverpool, England.
-0.296 You discovered 119 shrines all by yourself with no Googling?
-0.1759 Strange order of proceedings as most people read The Gunslinger very early on, but I'm looking forward to it!
-0.0644 It wasn't too bad actually having it done, the ones on my ribs were much worse.
0.0 That cake is incredible!
0.0 You mustn't be parrying at the right time.