/u/kavaliar is very positive!

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0.8932 Thanks for the kind words, it's always great to be back!
0.872 Glad you think they're beautiful though :)
0.8591 Thanks - I'm loving all these hair compliments.
0.8516 You're welcome - thanks for the compliment!
0.8442 That's pretty much all the fame I could take :)
0.8431 That's very sweet, thank you :)
0.8313 Haha :) And thank you!
0.8225 I appreciate your enthusiasm :)
0.8225 Thanks for the compliments :)
0.8221 Wow, looks like it has a chance!
0.8172 I generally only take pictures on sunny days, I think the natural lighting looks better!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.668 And I don't recommend wicker furniture, that bench is so uncomfortable.
-0.6369 No worries, you can leave it up.
-0.5704 I've tried this before, but I find it incredibly difficult to take photos of myself without a mirror.
-0.5216 What's not to love about girls in tight dresses?
-0.4404 My new place doesn't have a mirror wall :(
-0.4404 Except when he leaves partway through and ruins my symmetry: http://imgur.com/a/3wlnt
-0.4019 No harm in trying again though :)
-0.3595 I missed /r/tightdresses too!
-0.296 Not hiding, I did it in a picture once and someone said it looked sexy..
-0.2769 It looks so awkward just hanging there.
-0.25 Kimmypino is stealing my pictures, definitely not my account.
-0.25 I'm [k]inda shy, here's my asshole: http://i.imgur.com/s3zy1Fo.jpg