/u/katchbo is kind of a dick.

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0.5719 This makes me happy that I didn't
0.5267 Some say he's a notoriously kind man
0.4588 You look like human Bert and you're upset because Ernie said he just wants to be friends
0.4588 Glad to see Young Chop settling down
0.4588 Cute and cuddly.
0.4588 Cute and cuddly boys...
0.4404 "Rollin in the D" would have been better
0.4201 Looks more like a turkey
0.3818 People here just want to Stan for any cause and the majority of the time I'm sure they stand for nothing in real life
0.3612 I like the harbinger wrist stabilizers myself
0.3612 Pic on the bottom looks like Spike from the land before time

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7059 Ol' master of disguise ass nigga huh??
-0.6124 The drummer looks like he's tired of this shit
-0.5965 This the most Cali shit I've ever seen
-0.5859 No I meant inclination because the post makes us use the natural tendency of thinking the worst about a situation
-0.5574 That's that Steph Curry shit
-0.5423 "Well, I had a long ass day"
-0.5423 Fuck I was typin too fast
-0.5319 DAMN Daniel
-0.5267 I was sayin there's nothing you can do to stop someone from being gay but you can stop your child from shooting guns and smokin weed.
-0.5267 One you can stop by PARENTING and the other there is nothing you could do to stop it.
-0.5106 Angry Biscuits
-0.4767 Angie, what could be wrong wit' a girl named Angie?...