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0.9367 Guess so :P hopefully I can get back into a giveaway mojo in a couple weeks too :P For now its time to get hyped for March Break here XD
0.9336 Perfect that clears it up perfectly thanks for your help!
0.9205 I was interested in AA back before all the patches and stuff for it came XD Hopefully the patches end up better in BDO!
0.9172 HOnestly though just fun little references like this is great!
0.9114 Just a reminder to please [Rule 8] all offers! Thanks for your cooperation! Have a nice day and Happy Trading!
0.9008 Lol snillos with the happy face after the mention of bans XD
0.882 I mean up to you completely but good luck!!
0.8757 Anyways, I'd like a lot XD I'll give you a list in a bit and if you need any mons cloned for GAs or changed for them I'll help out too!
0.8745 Thanks for your Cooperation and Understanding! Have a Nice Day and Happy Trading!
0.8745 Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! Have a nice day and Happy Trading!
0.8718 Good luck and Happy Trading!

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-0.6461 Probably won't be signing up for too many next month probably 2 or so :/ Sorry u always have to track me down on these!!
-0.6177 I would love one but if you can't get me one no problem!
-0.5916 Seriously Amy u never cease to amaze me!
-0.5423 Cause I'm on NA Which is my bad I forgot to mention.
-0.5023 Not only that but tbh your trades are ridiculous.
-0.4691 I don't blame you for getting stressed this was one of the most tense ones involving rules, skipping and sheer amount of mons...
-0.4574 Personally if I were to trade and what I'm offering are legit I'd trade *at minimum* 1 of my legit comp shinies for 2 of your hacked mons. Anyways just some suggestions!
-0.4168 Couldn't be happier
-0.4003 This is crazy how much work is in this!
-0.34 Hey Phil I think you've accidentally sent the notification to me instead of the other guy.
-0.1705 Those are hacked mons easily obtainable and not even legal on some of them to the point where they can't be used online.
-0.1531 I forgot to bring something for him to sign at fan expo :(