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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9132 I think this song has a good mixture of their new sound and old sound blended together. **Final Thoughts**- This new sound was definitely a good change, I really am loving all of these tracks.
0.892 I love the vibe it gives off and it is a solid track to start off the intro. **Fingertip**- This song was so good I am speechless at how well they suit this sound.
0.886 Wow, this is definitely a change from Wonderland and I loved it.
0.8649 I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR NEW CONCEPT.That dance break gave me life and the song was so good.
0.8646 The instrumentals on all the tracks were simply amazing and I liked the utilization of violin in some of the tracks, it really added some nice contrast.
0.8519 Let Us Just Love is such a great Apink song.
0.8425 Source Music has truly been spoiling us, everything about this comeback is so amazing!
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8168 SinB looks so good in the jacket shooting, they all look soo good this comeback.
0.8042 It's different but they still retain the guitar riffs which I really love about their songs.
0.802 Overall this album is a solid addition to their discography and I will be playing this on repeat for a while, their new direction is a nice and welcome change.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.743 Fiestar - You're Pitiful, AOA - Heart Attack
-0.4404 Farewell my queens :(
-0.4101 Omg I'm so nervous
-0.2732 First Palace drop Got myself a white Tri-Smudge crew in large
-0.2382 I play euphonium as my main instrument right now but they don't have those in the band so i'm probably gonna do trombone as thats my second instrument, livin the low brass life
-0.1759 The visuals are great and Namjoo killed that note towards the end!
-0.1759 I AM SHOOK!
-0.1695 So looking foward to this comeback, someone hold me I am not prepared
-0.1027 WJSN is rocking the summery vibe and Mei Qi is a bias wrecker
0.0 That's my girl SinB
0.0 This is a bop
0.0 Bubu burgers, I just noticed that