/u/kafkaswonderfullife is kind of a dick.

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0.902 Not sure if thats good or bad. Fourth most positive 0.7579 Am proud white descendent of slave-owning, whip-cracking cheese lovers.
0.8519 Because a great deal of the best research isn't open access. I proved my quote, regardless.
0.8126 Well, first would be a film where all the children of the world join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace then James Joyce's *Finnegans Wake*, but then, yeah, Homer.
0.7783 while I did quote verbatim the bottom line causal factor for intelligence, by Lynn, I'm happy to quote more...
0.7579 Am proud white descendent of slave-owning, whip-cracking cheese lovers.
0.7506 Nope. Lynn explains that there are positive feedback loops with IQ and environment, so high IQ nations foster an environment which improves IQ , and ultimately
0.743 As a gift for your inspiration, I figured I'd include a character in the story with your name...
0.7213 LOL Plus, she looks like she has the kind of genes where her kids might be rapeable...
0.7178 They really are idiots, and I love doing it. I'd like to torture you, too- I'm really good at it.
0.6705 Pretty soon they'll have to report "women tells truth about being raped." It's a rainbow unicorn rare "crime."
0.6369 Do love cheese, too.

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-0.8713 He is SO getting raped in prison.
-0.8678 I'm not a cuck or a white knight but lots of people talk big without action like you're doing You're a twat.
-0.8625 1) NIJ says themselves that the punishment is meaningless in deterring crime. 2) and more important...
-0.85 Read the fucking link, retard. Fucking paranoid coward.
-0.8201 No parrots, but I do have lots and lots of dead cops, which is []unparalleled entertainment[] all on its own...
-0.802 If Daenerys knew for a fact that John Snow came back from the dead, after being stabbed in the chest/heart multiple times, what would she do/say?
-0.7783 I'm a sadist, and love when they die horrifically. Fear has nothing to do with it, and you still haven't answered the question.
-0.7662 Your argument seems to be "but he broke a rule!!!!11!"
-0.7297 I would rape the shit out of her. EDIT: I bet she gets infinitely cuter when shes screaming and crying. EDIT2: I am SHOCKED at all this sex-negativity in here
-0.7193 Are you one of those white-knight cucks that doesn't like cops to die in gruesome ways?
-0.7003 Can you imagine the primal terror that every cop would feel that they were just as likely as their colleagues to die? Obviously, its a comedy [][][]
-0.6901 Cops were completely fucked on that one, amirite?