/u/jufabeck2202 is very positive!

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0.9219 That, songs are awesome THANK YOU! If you have more please send me them :)
0.9027 Nice, that looks like a good resource, THANKS!
0.8481 Take a look at https://www.firebase.com/ , it is a great library for the server side stuff and has great library's to work with
0.836 Wow great piece of work.
0.8087 WOW thank you so much, you really helped me out!
0.807 Thank you, i really like that song :)
0.807 Thanks, the ITS presentation is great!
0.807 That's awesome, thanks!
0.8047 I also but my keyboard in the middle of the desk, because I like to rest my arms on the table :)
0.802 Haha love the turret one
0.802 I love this thread :)

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-0.7686 I really like the last song, but i sadly cant find the other 3 :(
-0.4939 Not live video, just streaming media from the mad the whole time.
-0.4385 to recall is my problem, i already use memrise and anki, but it is still really hard for my to remember the word
-0.3071 yes i know but im fairly new to linux and a bit scared to mess sth up :)
-0.296 no, I think it is intended.
-0.2057 But I know that my code is not well written, untidy and doesn't use the OOP Concepts.
0.0 Still often when I don't feel the sensation I will alter my breath.
0.0 Maybe I will get it over time, I will try to be more patient
0.0 I will try to follow your advice.
0.0 I can feel you bro
0.0 Where is it from?
0.0 "It should work now"