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0.9117 thanks for your help, this post in particular and the whole thread, you've been super helpful!
0.875 great man, then definitely hit me up when you have your pc back =)
0.8746 Super useful content, very clear!
0.8271 it's truly one of my favorite games of all times and I've been trying to make it as nice as possible.
0.8217 dude, I'm totally surprised this shot in the dark worked, this is amazing, such a cool person!
0.7955 I've played the entire thing + The Following DLC and, while it was a total blast, I bet playing in coop would be much more fun!
0.7717 Just accepted you, hope we can meet soon, I'll probably be on tomorrow since it's a holiday here in Argentina.
0.765 Thanks for the link, I'll definitely give this a chance.
0.7424 I'm looking for the same thing as you, let's hope we can meet online since I'm from Argentina and there's quite the time difference with the UK. cheers!
0.7257 I'm also looking for a partner to play with, Borderlands 2 or anything coop really. cheers!
0.7088 Thanks for all your help!

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-0.7906 or waste of money? I'm worried the scene is really turning towards h265 and I'll be forced to re-encode all future downloads.
-0.7876 I know this is a month old but anyways and maybe dead, but whatever.
-0.7269 Ah mir, no tena esa data. Mi error fue poner la palabra "todo" por que claramente no es asi.
-0.6808 jaja perdn, la realidad es que el del living me lo dio un amigo que no estaba usando y yo lo tengo solamente para tener wifi en el living/cocina/balcon, si no no llega.
-0.6359 That's why is so confusing to me, some have problems and some don't?
-0.6296 I'm really embarrassed that the dev actually saw my message but, here it goes. Odd!
-0.6187 Damn, I'd love to play with you man, but sadly I bought the game on GOG and there's no crossplatform for this game.
-0.6114 that's a negative!
-0.5994 I'm now able to gungeon from my couch with no problems at all.
-0.5423 Para mi fue siempre "sos", tremendo fail.
-0.4019 I have discord.
-0.4019 Can't wait to get home and check them out. One final noob doubt, as I understand, using overlays won't use any kind of cpu power right?