/u/js2001 is very positive!

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81 of 172,664Ranking
49Overall Score
57Positive Score
2Negative Score
40Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8484 Amazing body and so pretty!
0.8461 You are absolutely sexy and beautiful in your own way!
0.8338 So pretty, and amazing breasts!
0.8016 Perfect body, pretty pussy!
0.7712 Youre welcome, sexy!
0.7345 Looks like a sexy body!
0.7075 Absolutely gorgeous breasts!!
0.6793 Absolutely gorgeous!
0.6792 Yes please!!
0.6696 I'd love to see her stuffed with that toy!
0.6696 Mmmm, love the bare pussy view!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5255 Nothing wrong with simple and to the point!
-0.3382 Without hesitation!
0.0 To the side
0.0 I see what youre a swimmer.
0.0 And dont ever let anyone tell you differently.
0.0 Such a tasty pussy!
0.0 Mmmm...beautiful!
0.0 It needs a filling!
0.0 Without question!
0.0 Absolutely!
0.1511 Amazing ass!
0.1511 I want to fill it with my seed!