/u/jromeit is very positive!

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0.8807 glad that you appreciate it :) would you like a ride?
0.8777 :) glad that you like it, please check my older posts too!
0.8714 First of all: thank you so much :) and then there is a vid actually https://www.erome.com/i/AqG273qF let me know if you enjoy it ;)
0.8176 well, if you like hard passionate sex you def have to try ;)
0.8176 Glad that you like it :)
0.7959 Amazing first post glad to see your own subreddit!
0.7906 you are gorgeous :)
0.7906 https://www.erome.com/i/0Zwb4HAH hope you will enjoy ;)
0.788 and let me tell you that you are incredibly sexy too :)
0.7845 i am already loving this subredd :)
0.7712 :) far too kind, really!

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-0.4404 always checking this sub to catch someone in Rome :(
-0.3716 i just can't help it!
-0.3595 Missed you!
-0.1511 keep an eye on my profile then, i won't stop posting :)
0.0 wanna taste?
0.0 [source]
0.0 [Source]
0.0 [Album]
0.0 [Their Instagram]
0.0 r/womenbendingover
0.0 here you go!
0.0 [another tight dress] [baywatch]