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0.9136 What a treat to see your well-fucked and beautifully classy wife wrap herself up in sexy lingerie and a hot dress to go to work.
0.9087 Would love to hear more about this delightful woman being shared.
0.8625 If you think it's exciting showing off that beautiful wife of yours, wait till you see her quivering for a big cock to take in all holes, and in between those gorgeous tits.
0.8442 would love to blow a load on that beautiful tummy.
0.8316 Would love to leave a hot load right on those amazing abs.
0.8225 Wow, you two look amazing together.
0.8074 He looks like a strong, fit guy.
0.802 Love those beautiful tits.
0.7845 Yes, would love to initiate her.
0.7845 Yes, would love an update.
0.7717 Thanks, Joy.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6808 She is hot as hell.
-0.5423 But that ass is so right.
-0.5106 I think I'm going to start her on my fantasy slutty fiance team this weekend.
-0.4976 That little tight ass of hers winking at this guy.
-0.4939 She makes me want to fuck.
-0.4855 I know you are not into humiliation, and this is a hotwife thing and not a cuck thing, but the second vid, where he picks her up and fucks her in front of you.
-0.4767 She would be wrong.
-0.4019 Shocking that people would notice that.
-0.4019 Damn, she is extraordinary.
-0.3947 Let's just see more from that shoot.
-0.34 This is such a crazy hot series.
-0.296 No one has ever googled Katie Melua faster.