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0.9287 I love the extra bit of beefiness of normal 5B, but the added length on the Greiners puts the fulcrum in the perfect place and makes a perfect balance for me .
0.9209 Not the fanciest thing in the world, but it works for me, sounds pretty decent, and is still way better than a Pulse ride haha.
0.908 The Classics Customs are pretty popular and on the more affordable end too though, I tried a one of the Classics Customs Dark crashes and thought it sounded pretty good!
0.9022 I feel like in the demos I've heard you can still hear that B10 sound just a tiny bit, but they're definitely more than passable and in a mix I bet they'd sound perfectly in place.
0.8807 B8s are what I was thinking too, but I was holding on to some hope that I might be able to scoop up a pair of AAs for a steal haha.
0.8803 I really like watching him play, even if he does still play a bit stiff, he's very fun to watch.
0.8779 Enjoy them, I bet they sound fantastic. Not gonna lie though, I just really wanna touch them because the hammering makes the top hat look like a golf ball...
0.8748 Okay that is good to know haha, thanks so much!
0.8687 The fade turned out good IMO, and I really like the kit in the background that you said was your first refinish, it looks awesome.
0.8617 It healed up nicely so I'm happy to post a healed picture for anyone interested.
0.8588 Yeah, all the demos I've heard sound great, stacking it is a good idea too!

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-0.68 That looks killer!
-0.6124 I have actually, I like the look of them but was afraid they might be bad on insurance.
-0.5927 I'm trying to decide on what filter to get for my buddy's new 75 gallon and wanna go SunSun for the price but I'm scared of the leaking stories I've heard.
-0.5423 Oh my bad, should've mentioned it's a 19".
-0.5267 I should've gone to bed some time ago to be up in the morning, but I'll be damned if I'm not gonna stay up a bit later still to browse pictures of garage/kitchen/general house raccoons.
-0.5106 On bottom is Advent's new EP "Pain and Suffering", white w/purple splatter, pressing of 350.
-0.5023 Defeater has quickly become a favorite of mine, but the Advent album was a blind buy.
-0.4168 He's never happier than when he has a box to lay in.
-0.4019 Went shopping for a crash for my kit yesterday after only having hats and a ride since I got my kit 6 years ago.
-0.4019 Damn dude, that's the goal right there.
-0.4019 Then I got some Vic Firth isolation headphones and put those over the earbuds.
-0.3164 Had no problems so far, and my Unix experience has been put to good use so far!