/u/johnsmith6966 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9235 Oh wow - I'd LOVE to meet her and have some fun with her!
0.891 That beautiful meaty pussy is quite an alluring target, but I'd love to see my cum leaking out of her butthole ;)
0.8909 Your body is absolutely amazing - LOVE those panties, too!
0.8475 Oh wow - you look absolutely amazing in those!
0.8415 Well, if she ever does cross that road, come to Dallas - I'll show yall a good time :D
0.8398 She was beautiful back in the day, still is today and her attitude is amazing!
0.836 Beautiful bra holding in some gorgeous tits ;)
0.8356 Happy birthday, beautiful!
0.8303 Oh wow - she is so fuckin sexy!
0.801 Too much hair peekin out for my liking, but very sexy view regardless!
0.7845 Cute bra and panties on a beautiful woman

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 Stop posting this poor woman's pics.
-0.5423 "My ass is open for business"
-0.5362 That's the dude who fucks everyone he photographs, isn't it??
-0.5255 Goddamn dude!
-0.4939 Big cumshot wasted on the floor....
-0.3818 Check to see if that ass needed some cleaning ;)
-0.296 IN her ass, please
-0.2023 Definitely would spread those cheeks and bury my tongue in her ass
0.0 Again, guy??
0.0 We ALL know you're not the one in the pics.
0.0 The answer to that drives my next response.
0.0 Spread your asshole for us