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0.9586 funny how they are so symmetrical but have so much tension. Thanks again, it's really motivating to get so much help and compliments on something original.
0.908 Not sure I understand 100%, but like I see it, it's like the II but with a major third so it fits better with the line of chromatic notes that drive the progression.
0.8999 Listening with fresh ears is the best! My piano teacher gave me the best advice when I asked him if a song i was writing was "correct" in theory.
0.8748 Also, take some of your favorite songs and try to understand what the musicians are playing. Good luck!
0.8588 Good luck, it's very fun once you get into it.
0.8588 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
0.8341 Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!
0.8271 I was hoping for there to be a rule applying specifically to this type of chord relationship but sometimes it's maybe best to not overanalyze.
0.8126 It often sounds nice to have a snare with a nice low end, another one with a nice top and even a clap or whatever you want together to make one sample.
0.8126 Thanks, glad you like it.
0.8096 Thanks, the G7 - Bb sounds so good though, maybe because of the major third resolves down a half step in the progression..

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-0.5994 I can fully relate to your problem of working on something so long that you start to have doubts about it..
-0.1877 But it still can't be alright?
-0.1761 that specific attacky plucky feel is just really hard to nail.
-0.1531 Not everyone writes loads of bad songs in search for a good one.
-0.126 Thankfully I haven't met a lot of those arrogant types but they sound aweful!
-0.1027 Just aking someone elses hard work and claiming that its yours?
-0.0258 It is such a sneaky, fine tuned synth..
0.0 There is a plugin by Soundtoys called AlterBoy.
0.0 It has a setting called Robot which makes everything monotone.
0.0 Write a song and take a little break from it.
0.0 Come back to it and rewrite it.
0.0 You can also just put more time and effort into really polishing the lyrics and melody for one song.