/u/joe90210 is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 wow amazing NASA is busy landing robots on other planets
0.802 because he can close the distance better than you, defend against punches better than you, strike better than you.
0.7506 the HW acceleration in IE9 is superior to every other browser, it runs animations better than anything else by far
0.7184 The top 3 best in the world right now are GB in my opinion 1) Roger 2) Braulio 3) Baral
0.6808 It's amazing that Google can allow such a trivial bypass to work
0.6369 Gracie University is the best option because their system is an entire teaching curriculum, just watch each lesson for Gracie Combatives and then teach that for every class
0.5661 these retards use PHP and they're making fun of other languages??
0.5574 Takedowns are like a judo throws, you can throw someone and land on top of him with all the force you want
0.5473 all it's done is replaced older FF versions with FF4
0.5442 people here are some serious fucking idiots, Mayweather did nothing wrong, it ain't his fault Ortiz wasn't paying attention
0.5413 what's so exciting about what the private industry is doing?

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-0.8591 Merchant is a drunk piece of shit, fuck him
-0.8271 weird, she's definetly ugly, I'd hate to see how the rest of them looked
-0.802 the guy wants real discounts from his local bakery, this has nothing to do with spam, kill yourself.
-0.7964 probably sick of all the Android lawsuits that will be heading their way in the future from Google's continued use of stolen and infringing code
-0.7906 i'd be pissed too if I had to waste time with that 50/50 garbage
-0.7845 Merchant is an idiot, should have been fired years ago.
-0.7818 I think you have to be quite gullible and naive to believe the nonsense that hologram was spouting
-0.7762 I love all the muslim assholes in here who are frothing at the mouth yelling "fake!!!!!", stop making excuses assholes!
-0.7096 because it doesn't have full HW acceleration, no matter how much mozilla try and bullshit
-0.7096 It's ugly with oversized borders on Win7, still takes forever to start after a few weeks, still freezes up the first time you click on the address bar and just sucks all around.
-0.6908 you can be as rough as you want from a double leg or throw, slam rules involve picking up an opponent who is lying on the ground and slamming him down
-0.6908 kill yourself