/u/jmatthewsnz is very positive!

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0.92 The second one is the best game I've played in a long time :) enjoy it!
0.8442 good luck my dude, i'm also dying to get this game haha. s/o living expenses for crushing dreams
0.8271 Thanks for giving away such a prized game of yours dude.
0.8248 So excited to play some of my fav games!
0.824 Along with the fact that bungie has always had awesome shooting mechanics , i'm so eager to get my hands on the game!
0.802 Yeah, updated early this year for ios 10 :) I just downloaded it haha
0.7845 Oh I played the shit out of that mix, specially the part with flicker, had a feeling it was a porter song.
0.7351 Barely gettin by atm haha gotta save up for em
0.7269 Yeah man I remember seeing something about how the contents are worth over 100 dollars haha.
0.7184 I have a few random items on pc that you may be interested :) add me if you want and I can show you
0.7096 thanks dude hmu whenever haha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7096 stop spreading this hate speech
-0.6901 This is the most fucked illusion I've had to see
-0.6597 That sucks :( guess its not i7 compatible.
-0.5423 What the fuck
-0.4404 I was looking at that dirty thumb stick.
-0.4215 hey dude, ill do 4k for pink paragon tachyon
-0.2748 Better to have a slightly dirty thumb stick then a messed up psp.
-0.1779 what the fuck lol
-0.1779 nah sorry g
-0.1553 I dont have the move controllers but seriously interested in getting this, dont wanna get it if the experience wont be good
-0.09 I love the gmail app but the lack of this feature has been bugging me for a long time.
-0.0772 got it sorry dude