/u/jjones0018 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9403 Also love to hear your voice in your vids and your super cute laugh.
0.938 Love, love, love this!!!
0.9347 Love love love this!!
0.8972 Good God, she is so beautiful!!!
0.8794 Would love to see more of this beautiful woman
0.8708 Absolutely love this...she is so sexy
0.8652 Love that beautiful booty!!
0.8643 Absolutely love your beautiful wife
0.8585 Absolutely love you and your perfect booty!
0.8481 She is gorgeous and has the best attitude ever in the vids.
0.8475 Wow, just wow!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5971 I am so infatuated with you and your ass!!!
-0.2732 I envy your relationship.
-0.0772 Sorry to hear that.
0.0 So gorgeous...that seductive expression
0.0 I have been trying to talk my girl into it over the last year or so.
0.0 Made my day as usual....
0.0 Absolutely amazing....please post more
0.0 Greatness!!!
0.0 Hypnotizing
0.128 If thats really you in the pics...you will do well....tough to trust with so few pics though ):
0.1511 I Want to tongue it!
0.2732 This is my fantasy as well.