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0.9643 I mean I hate pop country but I honestly love "friends in low places." It's pretty good compared to your usual country radio stuff
0.9524 I'm pretty happy with them, which is good, because at like $40 a set they better be good and last.
0.9371 Not as thorough as some other awesome replies, but something I like to think about is keeping the rhythm solid and like a "traditional" bass line, but having all kinds of fun with the notes.
0.9232 They're not that scary, and even if you don't get the score you want, it doesn't effect your GPA, so just relax and do your best :)
0.8968 I don't *need* another bass, I have a deluxe active jazz that I'm super happy with and can get some nice P-bass sounds, but *good god* it's pretty.
0.891 The tips /u/birdpl4ne have are great, as well as others in this thread like using a good book.
0.8658 I like jazz necks just fine, but coming from upright bass and having short fingers I love the feeling of a big P neck
0.8585 Intonation is a bitch, and takes a lifetime to master, but dedicated practice and attention to it will greatly improve your playing
0.8537 Of course it's good to be able to find the roots but that will get easier and easier with time and practice.
0.8528 888,777 With any luck I'll get my computer fixed in time use it before winter break ends :P Thanks OP!
0.8522 Playing a beginner bass is kind of like a right of passage, and you'll gain a lot of useful skills learning on one.

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-0.8316 No it just means you don't get your own continent, selfish bastard
-0.7684 I realize it's often due to the sound guy, but I hate hearing vague, over toney, bassy blobs of sound.
-0.743 Some drunk girl squatted down and took a piss on my friends shoes during the Killers.
-0.7089 Dude no he could really hurt himself without proper technique.
-0.6964 I mean it doesn't help that it's still dope as fuck
-0.6608 Like a painting that isn't beautiful, but interesting and thought provoking
-0.6486 I understand if he can't get lessons but he will hurt himself if he tries to play with no training
-0.6381 It's not like electric where you can get away with poor technique.
-0.6249 Fuck I miss Car Talk...
-0.5849 It's a really bad idea to go without lessons.
-0.5574 When I had a crappy phone with a sliding physically keyboard, my messenger app would delete everything I had typed if the person I was texting sent something before I finished.
-0.5303 Proper technique is not intuitive and it's so easy to hurt yourself with bad technique.