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0.9411 Overall, I would say that this dungeon is very unique, fun yet challenging, has great atmosphere, and is great to play.
0.9373 Hey thank you very much :D I will do everything you said :) thanks for the help.
0.8478 just amazing great vid!
0.8176 But thank you :) that gives me some more insight as to what I should look to do :)
0.8176 Lol I'm glad you found it hilarious.
0.7865 :D I've watched that series so many times I guess it just subconsciously inspires me.
0.7717 It was a big surprise for me initially when I got to play as him, considering I only thought he was a character you were just meant to save earlier in the game.
0.765 I feel that the dungeon is challenging enough to keeps players engaged, while still being fun and accessible.
0.7603 Added :D Thank you so much
0.7603 AQdded :D thank you very much
0.7603 Thank you :D

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-0.7184 Sadly, people will steal almost anything.
-0.5994 Nah fuck that.
-0.5719 The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
-0.5574 I rage at dota.
-0.5542 I'm not really sure what the differences between the playstyles are :/ I'm really new to all this.
-0.5267 too much edit, eyes hurt
-0.4767 I can't wait to see some kind of left for dead style system where you can join in custom games made by the community online.
-0.4404 Result of a 1 AM tired drawing session.
-0.3818 The lowest common denominator
-0.34 Accidentally?
-0.34 I would argue It's one of the more replay able dungeons just because of It's unique mechanic: character switching.
0.0 Can't wait to catch edgy Hot Topic Pikachu!