/u/jerkcleric is kind of a dick.

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0.8442 Well all the times me or a friend bought gold on wow we never had to give anyone our account info.
0.7096 If that is true along with what you say I'll give him some respect too.
0.6887 I'm like really, gee thanks.
0.6124 Please don't post pictures of the after party orgy.
0.5994 Super Scribblenauts pregnant baby, that is all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIQlC59-eXE
0.5859 With a vein and pubic hair, win.
0.5859 wow, 2nd time to see someone link to that in under an hour
0.5859 Must be tied with a new WoW commercial featuring Gene Simmons.
0.5574 I think they want you to have a free camera.
0.5423 It was always we both log on and transfer it via trade and go our merry ways.
0.4939 I was in a drive-thru once when I seen some teenager with a friend in his car.

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-0.8689 Pissing off this dumb bitch at work.
-0.8481 by those I mean anyone who is a dickhead is a dickhead
-0.7783 It was a real pain in the ass manually adding up each card and taking a few hours to do.
-0.7506 For all we know it could be someone who hates the bad.
-0.7506 that asshole needs to be charged with terrorism
-0.7251 No one else will do anything to her, so I do shit in a subtle way.
-0.7096 cool lets punish a whole server for what some jackasses are doing
-0.6908 Equality house my ass, I see no black stripe.
-0.6756 More like hell no kitty.
-0.6739 I think the WTF part of this post is something non-rapey coming from India.
-0.6597 My mother told me my dad use to beat his first wife and told him that if he ever did that to her or me she would cut his dick off.
-0.6597 With it being a losing game and needing to get medals, it is a complete waste of time.