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0.8648 She's got a 50% approval rating and has more or less won another election, She's doing better then Harper was when he was voted in for any of his terms.
0.7787 His best will be barely better then the Average of other presidents.
0.6908 Even on top of that anything that AFD wants to do would require a super majority, They'd have to sway over 70%+ of the population to vote for them, Which isn't going to happen.
0.6597 A lot of people are "libertarians" for the sole reason it allows them to be racist and bigoted under the guise of freedom, Often freedom to discriminate.
0.5859 But it leads to a situation where you have one part of the country doing amazing because of that, and another part which has become akin to a third world country.
0.5719 But but but La meute is a nice group, as ive been told multiple times.
0.5563 Automation is going to be the the next industrial revolution. How it plays out will be down to the actions we take now, Do we resist it, or do we fully embrace it?
0.5389 Just harmless friendly nationalists who hate muslims and pretty much everyone else they don't want in Canada,
0.5267 The AFD's prime support is mainly protest voters, few actually support their policies even AFD recognizes this.
0.5106 Free speech is a two way road, As much of a right they have to be a nazi and spout their views, people have the right to tell them to shut up, and it applies the other way.
0.5059 Which would really raise the representation of the NDP and Liberals in Alberta and Saskatchewan far more. I completely support it.

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-0.8864 Also if our economy is so fragile a minor change in tax can cause major problems, job less, businesses failing etc , we are utterly fucked as a nation regardless of who is in charge.
-0.8625 elect someone who will rationally talk, compromise and discuss them, Not some racist man baby who has a temper tantrum on twitter at 3 am.
-0.8126 sign some laws to punish police brutality, Big spooky group ain't it?
-0.8074 not neo nazis, not the far right, Actual nazis that Canadians died fighting aganist to stop.
-0.8074 Worse is they don't seem to realize they have become what they hated.
-0.8074 2017 when people get mad that you can kill nazis in a video game. Sorry sweeties, its a video game, stop being so triggered mmkay?
-0.8047 No that doesn't mean you can't come out against violence the members of group commits, but you have to understand that violence is not what the group was created for.
-0.7906 It is evil because its not addressing any the problems that make American public schools a laughing stock, it's only making things worse for the majority of the population.
-0.7845 This reactionary nonsense is a bigger threat to Canada then any of these petty issues over words ever will be.
-0.7819 Conservatives aren't exactly promising an answer to that either. Plus if that is whats changing peoples minds, It's some petty bullshit
-0.6597 As much as someone has the right to say I should be murdered in a camp, I have as much of a right to tell them to shut up.
-0.6486 I think it was discontinued because of the dead body hanging out of the first car.