/u/jcockmonger267 is kind of a dick.

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0.9277 Of course, but that doesn't mean the destruction of the United States. G) The US doesn't need to be the manufacturer of the world to be so powerful.
0.8126 You're free to say why they are good points instead of giving up because of your premonitions of my future actions. Take it or leave it.
0.765 The EU certainly The US has the best medical technology in the world.
0.7198 I'll hope you won't give up so easily then too.
0.7106 Why don't you share some of your divine knowledge oh enlightened one?
0.6808 I wish they both were equally better to where people are treated as they should be.
0.6597 First, I would like to tell about some remarks Stalin made and repeated several times when we were discussing freely among ourselves.
0.6575 I would hope they're not all saying banned, that's just completely off.
0.6486 It was banning essentially Muslims from the most lawless states from coming to America for 4 months in order to do better security checks.
0.6369 The best way to do that is to not offer your opinion at all.
0.6319 Netflix is a good example of that. F) The US isn't refusing to do anything about climate change.

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-0.9169 All sorts of people are "criminals." A person could be sentenced to jail or prison for laws from tax fraud to murder.
-0.875 If we had had to fight Nazi Germany one on one, we could not have stood up against Germanys pressure, and we would have lost the war.
-0.802 If you're the one who should be letting Americans know how it's discussed there then include an explanation that ban doesn't actually mean ban.
-0.7964 Claiming the reason you should continue to sell oil to North Korea because of Mexico's global economy is idiotic if North Korea is going to fuck up the global economy.
-0.7906 Literally people being put off by Trump saying stupid shit is the explanation for them.
-0.7645 The fact that it's illegal almost everywhere by a large margin kind of shows you're being extremely misleading.
-0.7506 A person generally has to commit an "aggravated felony," or crime of "moral turpitude" to be deported or refused entry into the US.
-0.743 You're a creepy hateful dipshit.
-0.7351 They're without empathy and habitual offenders. That's only going to be some criminals.
-0.7351 At the time of writing his memoirs Khrushchev said he believed the Soviets would have lost even more so 25 years after the war.
-0.7269 No amount of America doing wrong can absolve anyone else of their sins.
-0.7096 By far with a huge margin it is illegal in most countries and only not illegal in two states over 18.