/u/jbjsclub is very positive!

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0.9382 Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your story :)
0.9246 Best of luck to you and enjoy the journey :)
0.9153 You need to be honest and treat your relationship with integrity...and she needs to accept and love you as you are.
0.9134 WOW WOW WOW!
0.882 It wasn't easy but eventually she realized that she and her needs and my promise to stay true to her would always be honoured.
0.8636 We were also all bi shy/timid so there was that extra mental hurdle overcome. But guess who had the most amazing bi sexy foursome about a week later !!!
0.8516 Perfect :) more please.
0.8433 wow, she is very sexy!!
0.8183 So so sexy :)
0.8172 Best of luck with this!

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-0.8442 what did that motherfucker do esactly, try to fuck your girl?
-0.7597 but personally i am just not good at being deceptive and carrying around a secret so I wouldn't want something like that on my conscience.
-0.6597 She wore it recently when we fucked our first boytoy together.
-0.6486 You sissy panty wearing, cum eating whore
-0.636 i bet she knows how to fuck hard!
-0.6124 Recently, a redditor wrote a short e-book called "the no bone zone" that we really wished we had as we were struggling through it all.
-0.5994 You lied through omission, but can you blame yourself?
-0.5574 where rage is channelled into lust - 4 people huh?
-0.5216 Come on, wouldn't it be fun to sleep with other poeple who you might not want a deep emotional and logistical connetion with?
-0.4767 could be worse
-0.4559 thats crazy hot!!
-0.4404 that is harsh.