/u/jaysonbank is kind of a dick.

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0.8961 This also goes for girls who just want to be friends and tell you you're so special and like a brother to them: We don't care, we want to be special _and_ have you naked.
0.8955 the best part of the tube is checking out all the cute girls sitting opposite, eye contact should be fun!
0.8442 I'm honestly curious to see what she looks like and I think its only fair. Perhaps the 'subjects' should write their own sides of the story.
0.8341 Why not heroin? If heroin was made legal tomorrow, I wouldn't try it, you wouldn't try it, my friends wouldn't try it and even my 18 year old past self wouldn't try it.
0.8074 If two people like each other and turn each other on then deciding not to have sex is like deciding not to talk to each other - you're just skipping half the fun for the sake of it.
0.802 Cute is actually one of the best complements a guy can give.
0.8001 Goth girls can be pretty cute and even though I've walked in there looking like a complete fucking douche on at least 5 occasions I've not had any trouble
0.7903 I definitely have something like that but its more of an attraction scale than two different types of girl.
0.784 awesome, just like old times, go Britania!"
0.743 and for the love of god post screenshots/transcripts.
0.7033 Most people will experiment with drugs, most people will do it sensibly, most people don't get fucked out of their mind and turn into raving maniacs, and those who do are fucked up people anyway.

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-0.9498 Funding war after war after mother fucking war is bullshit.
-0.9231 A dozen school girls were forced to stay in their burning school because they werent properly veiled) And don't even get me started on the other vile disgusting laws and punishments they have.
-0.92 3 seconds later this girl responds: **"Actually I was raped once..."** That alone makes for the most awkward night in hell.
-0.9042 Just because its by a Republican doesn't always make it right-wing racist conspiracy nut-job bullshit.
-0.9001 Fuck Saudi and let the king die in pig shit.
-0.891 Funding stupid fucking kids to go and have more stupid fucking kids before they've hit 18 is bullshit.
-0.886 Fuck that, I will not live in a world with these savage cunts.
-0.8814 Why the FUCK is a fucking terrorist allowed to stay in the UK when Kirana Firouz is going to be deported and sent back to Iran to be executed for being a lesbian?
-0.8814 Who the fuck puts drug dealing in the same category as attempted fucking MURDER?
-0.872 Who gives a fuck, gypsys are a bunch of criminals and trouble makers.
-0.8689 I've been fucked around and I've fucked people around.
-0.8625 Dead rapists don't reoffend, period.