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0.9441 If you do, let me know, I'd love to hear how it ends up. Good luck, and again, hope this was helpful!
0.9284 Im not trying to say I know much, but I do know how I feel when I hear certain things in certain ways, so I hope it helps in some way on the next one!
0.9242 Hope this wasnt harsh or anything, I really do respect your work, its really great!
0.9096 I'm in a rush right now, but I'm going to come back to this soon and leave a longer response, I'm very glad you'd be so kind as to spend so much time on this!
0.9062 Critiques help me as much as I hope they help the person they're directed at, so to see some of it actually help out is huge.
0.8998 Its not a problem, but the music itself can be used so well to create tension, suspense, build-ups its a great tool to use.
0.8957 When something isn't working, being able to pull the plug will help save some of your best work. As for right and wrong, I'm glad what I'm saying agrees with you.
0.891 Youre talented, the lyrics show you know what youre doing, but I have the feeling you can do even better than this. These lyrics are good.
0.8908 I love poetry, so for me its nice to see a very strong poetic influence in a lyricists work.
0.8834 Its got amazing production value and is great as is, it really is.
0.8832 Might be neat. Wow, another really exciting idea.

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-0.8765 It may be the crappy laptop speakers I listen to the tracks out of, but my ipod headphones also give me a similar feel. I think your lack of bass guitar is killing you here just a little bit.
-0.7506 That said, "I'm scared of" has too few syllables and when I've tried it out it kills the flow and percussive nature of spitting out the words for me.
-0.7269 Music is touchy because it's so close to how you feel, and for someone to tell you you're feeling arbitrarily wrong is real bad.
-0.7062 Absolutely no worries!
-0.6792 No worries dude, I can't wait to hear more from you!!
-0.6705 Its just that the song kind of ends when the lyrics are done is all. So all in all, you killed the sound on this track.
-0.6597 Ill be damned if its the last Just you wait and see.
-0.6515 That said, I listened to all the other tracks you posted and the background noise on those is 100x worse than this one, so I'm not sure how much it's affecting this particular song.
-0.6476 No worries, has happened to me before too!
-0.6474 I'm happy with the recording but unhappy with the mix and was totally unsure of where to go from here .
-0.5859 I'm afraid the backing instruments are getting drowned out a little..
-0.5719 That said, your build-up at the end falls flat when the song suddenly ends, but Ill get to that more in answering some of your concerns at the bottom of this.