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0.9499 Of course best thing to do would be to validate data on both client and server side. BTW i like your project and that you share it here, posts like this encourage begginers to make own projects.
0.866 So no more suggestions about front end verification, looks great :) Just remember to always verify inputs, users like to break stuff and it's our job to make apps foolproof.
0.8519 And second question, is space over the bed in use? Awesome place btw, love the windows.
0.8439 Check out something like draw.io next time, it's probably much more comfortable to use in UML modeling than paint :)
0.8398 That's the kind of advice i was hoping for :) Thanks a lot!
0.836 :) Thanks you very much :)
0.8225 nice, if you wanna meet to do some stupid/crazy/awsome stuff, pm me :) have a nice trip in europe
0.8225 You should post this art on IG/FB/TT and tag Casio account, pretty sure they will be as impressed as we are. Can someone explain what the smallest dial with "P" and "A" is for?
0.8074 Ha, funny, the company I work at, did the same thing this year :) do you happen to work in performance marketing business?
0.7574 Strong advices, thanks!
0.743 I have one, exactly like the one on [this photo] and it's amazing piece.

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-0.636 No problem, if you need more info or pics, let me know!
-0.5574 Jesus, this is some 1984 shit.
-0.5216 It's not best for capturing small objects that are not close to camera.
-0.3089 Users won't edit these values, only 'admins' will and not very often.
-0.2732 Ok, now I feel dumb.
-0.1882 Fingers crossed, unfortunately most european countries will have to wait long time for legal pot but you can do it guys, **yes you can!**
-0.1027 How hard would be to implement this kind of behaviour with postgresql?
-0.0946 Mind that I'm fairly new to version control so my advice may not be the best one :)
0.0 git: 'gud' is not a git command.
0.0 See 'git --help'. Did you mean this? add
0.0 I will try with postgresql on the same machine, then add in memory cache as suggested by u/desrtfx.
0.0 Hi, How much would shipping to Poland cost?