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0.9063 I was so mad that Rossi was taken out by such a freak occurrence, but both of those two seem to be great at ovals and the racing they produce in the future will definitely be exciting
0.8398 Hahaha that pit lane is great!
0.8016 It was relatively fresh, funny, and entertaining week to week, and the conclusion didn't feel empty or forced like the last two seasons.
0.8012 I really like the last sector, and the last corner would be awesome going flat out!
0.7964 I feel that Castroneves, Power, or Hunter-Reay could easily be competitive with a good car in Formula One, maybe even challenge the top drivers.
0.7906 The bread is the only good thing about that sandwich, and that's cause it isn't made their but rather from an excellent bakery in Pittsburgh called Mancini's.
0.784 Wow, nice fly!
0.7812 Whether the fish really care about such details like that or not is up to debate but I thought he had a good point.
0.7783 Well your proportions for the hook are fine ha, you just need a wet fly hook like the Mustad 3906
0.7783 Hopefully Matt and Tre will make South Park great again.
0.765 Some other colors of buck tail like black, white, and chartreuse are also great for streamers

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-0.6143 The only poisonous look alike I know of is the inky berry, but they do not look like the berries in your third photo.
-0.5719 Does anyone else think that putting Indycar below GP2 and F3 is a travesty?
-0.5216 I'm with this guy though, jumping right in and tying an elk hair caddis is probably not the best idea for your first fly.
-0.4019 It was glaringly obvious that they expected Trump to lose this election during the course of this season and when he didn't they didn't know how to adapt the story.
-0.3612 Both of those guys are the future and we will see them fighting for the lead many times.
-0.3612 210 denier, or 3/0 uni thread should be sufficient.
-0.3595 Oh I had no idea!
-0.34 TL;DR Primanti's Sandwiches, a Pittsburgh sandwich chain, are the worst sandwiches you'll ever have despite having been on TV multiple times and having the support of an entire city.
-0.2732 The only criticism I can find is that the bead chain eyes on your top fly are too small to be of any use.
-0.2526 And I'm guessing the "not so casual" frenchies are the ones with the soft hackle collars?
-0.2315 Just a word of advice, you should consider putting the hook eye through the popper head a little bit lower next time.
-0.2263 Laurel Hill Creek actually has two delayed harvest sections, one above the lake and one below.