/u/jackch3 is kind of a dick.

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0.9237 Very funny lol, but libs are honestly still amazing.
0.8176 I feel like a skyshield on the skyguard only serves to justify A2Gs super high DPS as well.
0.7906 Maybe it's because I recognize that they are good players, but they refuse to admit that someone like me beat them. Edited for niceness, because Im really not trying to troll.
0.7506 I disagree with him and have won so many duels with my superior maneuverability rather than a tiny bit of top speed.
0.743 Well considering that heavies are the best class to use against Infantry, Maxes, Tanks, and Aircraft...
0.7351 Compared to the usefulness of increased brakes and reverse for better mobility and evasiveness, and turning which also increases dodge, mobility, and drift potential.
0.7351 Other AV weapons are superior in my opinion due to effective range and ease of use.
0.7137 We don't die to random lucky AP Halberd shots anymore.
0.7125 would LOVE half of it back.
0.7096 I never pretended to be a good gunner :) just driver.
0.7003 Footage doesn't accurately represent how good are you, and I don't expect my footage to impress you either.

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-0.8591 I assumed this was a sub about harassers, and was confused to see what I thought was a harasser driver quitting due to CAI changes.
-0.8564 "harassment", dont make me laugh, oh wait... Edit: infact, I would go as far as to warn you about your harassment on this board, and your clear abuse of any "power" you think you have.
-0.8555 Tournaments are calculated as if every player has the highest damage build, thus everyone is EXPECTED to have the highest damage build and is punished if they don't.
-0.8442 What am I supposed to say when all these people say I'm using the inferior chassis and don't know how to harasser when I'm beating them?
-0.8442 Otherwise 1 brick will kill flashes, harasser, and even lightnings with 1 rocklet volley to the rear.
-0.8201 We can still one clip vehicles as I dodge around their rear, but it takes OVER 3 AP rounds to kill us.
-0.8181 One generic "good" option that no one would pick because it isn't 100% true, and then three very specific negative options.
-0.8176 I can only think of one person in the game who can even make this claim due to my blind rage the other day, otherwise i have no idea what youre talking about.
-0.8126 Fury has deploy prowler DPS when both attacker and target are immobile.
-0.8074 Why could this possibly be bad for harassers?
-0.8047 I feel that's par for the course in terms of balance. I don't expect an SM build to have a higher MS than a TI build, but I'm being punished in tournaments for not running a TI build and it sucks.
-0.8001 Run along. You are literally so incapable of logic and debate that you lost the argument for yourself.