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0.8979 Amazing work, you're awesome :)
0.8979 Congratulations my friend, you win.
0.8932 Amazing, and you look like you are having a great time!
0.8885 You should think about going into politics friend - the world could definitely use some of that creative problem solving :)
0.875 I'm still super impressed :)
0.8271 Thanks for sharing :)
0.7906 Hope you guys had a great time.
0.7783 That being said, if they went all out and made the touch area nice and large and implemented 3D touch, the workflow benefits might make it worthwhile.
0.7777 Fantastic kickoff to the weekend - thanks a lot man!
0.7511 Since your mastery of the Harley Quinn smirk/squint on it's own brings the cosplay up to a solid 9/10, I wouldn't worry about doing it justice.
0.7506 Besides, doing justice is batman's job :)

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-0.5499 No idea if this is the same recipe she used, but at this point I'm desperate: https://burpappetit.com/2016/03/11/steamed-wontons-in-chilli-broth/
-0.5386 Holy Crap!!!
-0.5165 good thing it's got those machine guns on the front so he can help superman murder bad guys.
-0.4939 Casually walking past poor, sick hungry people on the streets of wealthy cities.
-0.4129 Oh man, so bummed that I missed it!
-0.2732 I was frustrated, as Im sure many people were, when I recently upgraded to an iPhone that required yet another type of charging cable.
-0.264 it is wrong - you shouldn't feel guilty at all!
-0.1511 How is democracy not the top comment?
-0.1263 With all due respect to the deceased, it would really suck if you looked down at that beautiful new face and thought -even for an instant- "my wife's dead ex".
-0.0296 I bet OP is really disappointed :)
0.0 The Culture novels by Ian M Banks
0.0 Man, I can't wait until uncle Joe is president.