/u/iwilllurkreddit is a total dick!

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0.9413 It's awesome like how gays are awesome. Meaning it's not awesome at all.
0.8402 Lift , have guns, all that, but don't go mental and prepare like it's happening on the 10th. The unrest is important, yes, but we must not be the ones partaking in it voluntarily.
0.6808 If you got your own way, we would be having ourselves a new WW2 defeat-like scenario, without all of the good sides NSDAP Germany had. Trump is definitely doing things about them.
0.6597 kk thanks, i understand
0.6249 prove your statements are relevant to my true situation, please? http://archive.is/3X3Sl you're the one with autism , proved by that link.
0.6006 I'm not, i'm verbally assaulting them. Kinda like how i'm doing it to you.
0.4939 enjoy /r/Aeromorph
0.4926 thanks bot!
0.4404 A good amount of the U.S.
0.4404 i gave him a good flair
0.4215 nice fucking post gohengrubs fagtech umy oobi.

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-0.9206 Retard. I don't want to hear your "NO TRUE ~~scotsman~~ FASCIST ur not a tRVE fascist this is real fascism" tier shit about violence.
-0.9049 Being a cuck that thinks we are going to have TEH HAPENINGZ LE CIBIL WAR sometime soon is a LARPing idiot, or just a generic idiot.
-0.9042 Racism is good, you're a nigger Kill yourself on live stream
-0.9001 no. it's a tard in my discord server, fagtech aka gohengrubs aka umyrdesyde_rms or some shit
-0.896 don't care, i was going to leave anyway i know this comment is autistic as hell, but OP is a faggot and deserves to get himself tarnished.
-0.8573 You thick simple bitch, fuckin hell. Whites don't need to shoot up random weak people on the street, which is why they aren't doing shit like what that nig did.
-0.8467 The side most likely to defect and fight us is comprised of limp wristed weak cucks. You're a LARPer because you're paranoid about TEH HAPENINGS.
-0.8422 that is such bullshit and i don't know how you fucking niggers make this shit up
-0.8402 Army is like this too, mind you. I am not unwilling, but i'm not some sort of untermensch who has a chimp-like obsession with wanting to start the violence.
-0.8402 No proof no proof no proof no proof no proof
-0.8176 you need to learn to look past the "teh raec war XDDDDDDD" shit.
-0.8126 Stop projecting your sexuality on me. U mad over being banned from cruncha?