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0.7873 The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, it's indifference.
0.7783 Great, I'm interested.
0.5994 I wish the system was as simple as "Commit crimes--
0.5994 exactly lmao this is /r/conspiracy not /r/verifiedallegations
0.5875 The length, basis, and terms of the enslavement does not define whether or not it is slavery.
0.5875 I didn't say "chattel" slavery, though.
0.5106 ###Submission Statement The story of Albert Woodfox brings up many ethical questions about our current criminal justice system, especially the way it deals with racial minorities.
0.4215 The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference." - Elie Wiesel Edit: I get it, I get it.
0.3089 Why do you think money is the reason for scientific consensus and not for dispute? edit: made more accurate
0.1779 Check out this video from the article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQo-yYhExw0 There are different solutions to the issues underlying criminality besides incarceration.
0.1298 ToD is barely top 10 CSH records ever made

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-0.8979 That's what's being disputed, not the fact that previous forms of slavery had its own horrors.
-0.891 Slavery =/= new world slavery.
-0.8519 I will continue frame my argument in this way because in my view avoiding the comparison is to underestimate mass incarceration and the dangers of for-profit prisons.
-0.8316 This is not including another major form of what I view as forced labor - "wage slavery" in the factories that we rely on for our goods in America.
-0.8225 I pointed out the fact that legally speaking, slavery and involuntary servitude are abolished in America "except as punishment for a crime".
-0.8126 The rates of incarceration are not rising in proportion to the rates of crime and there are harsher punishments for certain groups than there are for others.
-0.7992 You are correct that chattel slavery was banned in America but that's not to say we're free from slavery as a whole.
-0.7548 The original post made a claim that Arab slave trade was "larger, longer, and more brutal" - aka worse.
-0.7239 Mass incarceration is fully comparable to slavery.
-0.7124 That's why it's a "myth" of black criminality - not because the statistics aren't very real and troubling, but because we are reacting to the problem differently than we do with other groups.
-0.7003 I said slavery.
-0.7003 There are systems of slavery in which slaves had access to each of those examples (ex.