/u/its4-20somewhere is kind of a dick.

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0.9118 Pretty sure they have some sort of team of people who just check local airbnb listings to be sure those requirements are met by the owner, and you better hope they dont tell your landlord
0.9022 All for a new movie, but just thought it was funny because pretty sure he said he was done after Spectre.
0.8984 "Seems like no one got mad" hahaha says the guy with the #22 reply to my original comment - although I do appreciate having not been banned yet for my opinion, so thanks for that.
0.8555 The least a billionaire should be able to do with all that wealth is create some program that goes back into making sure that everybody has a safety net.
0.7603 Lol Edit: HONESTLY
0.751 I mean obviously outlawing drugs worked so well - Im sure the desired effect would lead to the same result with firearms.
0.743 Lol maybe you should invest in some M branding as well - it could probably give you some hp gains
0.7351 He went from jagged piece of ice to perfect magnifying glass shape in like 2 frames
0.7345 good luck everybody I change lane now!
0.7269 Your boss' garage looks like a museum hahaha

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-0.9062 This shit is fake as hell.
-0.8602 If you believe $2.3m in 118 Russian troll social media accounts UNDERMINED our election then you are the problem, and you should have gone out and voted ya dumbass
-0.8591 Mandatory concealed carry for everybody - no violence or disputes because everyone has a gun.
-0.8256 Those people are stupid and I can't be okay with that shit.
-0.8225 But terrorist attacks in the EU are almost commonplace nowadays, mr dankmemes4lyfe
-0.8207 It's irresponsible considering trucks are for practicality - you want speed go buy the less expensive much lighter BMW, so you'll only kill yourself trying go round that corner at 80.
-0.8126 Your comment is like saying all the homicides in Chicago are technically "terrorist attacks" Smh - plus did you realize you cited a tumblr page?
-0.7906 no I actually get passed by idiots doing 100+ in trucks - all the time - black shit flying out of the exhaust.
-0.7801 Who even preorders anymore shit is so lame Im not giving you $100 for a game that will only be worth $40 when you release it in 6 months time.
-0.7769 We have absolutely jack shit to worry about Kim Jong Dong and NK
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with people
-0.7506 The DNC was a leak - Wikileaks isnt associated with Russia - and Hillary was the worst representative of our country in international matters than Trump could ever be.