/u/italian_stallion94 is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.7906 Not really a tip to make it better, but you should always close your eyes while kissing
0.7163 That's awesome!!!
0.6369 That's one of the best I've seen so far
0.5994 Your comment is funnier than this joke ever was
0.5719 This redditor happy to repost
0.5334 Isn't every zombie dead?
0.4939 This is pretty common in Switzerland
0.4939 You know that you can save a pic and upload it?
0.4939 Please tell me you're joking
0.4588 Don't take it too serious - nobody ever survived it
0.4404 Thanks for that information

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7717 His eyes say: one day I will kill you for giving me that stupid name
-0.7717 Stupid liar.
-0.7269 Damn that's disgusting
-0.6739 WTF is this?
-0.6249 Worst repost I've ever seen
-0.5719 The place for all follower-seeking, pathetic people is called Twitter
-0.5719 How pathetic can a person be?
-0.5563 You are a fucking liar.
-0.5267 Stupid reposter
-0.4939 Damn, your comebacks are even worse than your creativity
-0.4939 I self-treated my depressions with marijuana since I was 16
-0.4767 You're on the wrong website.