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0.9359 BTW Awesome progress Im just starting bodyweight routine about a month in after 6 months of starting strength and loving it so far!
0.9127 Like yeah its fun but after we were done its like ok lets play something else and it never gets brought up again.
0.9121 yea otherwise noones code would be working :D and besides that you activated the code and it worked so that shouldnt be the problem everyone is panicking :D we will be fine friends !
0.9109 no but that sounds really fun :D I might look into that!
0.9001 Thank you for that answer, do you feel like blade storm is the best talent when doing 2 vs 2 ?
0.8993 You might feel like your kills are important but staying alive will automatically lead to not doing stupid stuff, which will help you understand when its actually good to fight etc.
0.8977 That is such a beautiful peace of music my friend!
0.8923 If u wanna gain do it slowly u seem to be at a good body fat percentage dont ruin it by gaining too much fat and having to cut back agaiN!!
0.8862 Thank you for that rant I hope you feel better :) Makes my choice a little easier.
0.8779 What always helped me was having like one long term project which was harder and simulatiously learning some easy songs that are just fun to play.
0.8711 It will feel so much better and your friends wants to know trust me!

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-0.8736 First time entry, dont be too mean :D I know there are some mistakes but I just couldnt get it perfectly so I said fuck it.
-0.7947 Also a lot of amps have a Headphone output, so the problem with practicing at home is complete bullshit!
-0.6862 Sounds cooler than it is/feels writing that stupid thing isnt that cool!
-0.6808 Thats a hell of a lot of meth
-0.631 this one has the 4gb Gddr5 version but a worse processor.
-0.6249 yea a lot of people have the problem including me :/
-0.6072 yea thats always the struggle, the most important thing when learning songs is to find a balance where its challenging but not too hard that it gets you frustrated.
-0.5848 I mean what the fuck how do you even get to 27?!
-0.3182 Shoudlve just lost intentionally then...
-0.304 Because I cant play the open beta because my boss told me I have to leave town from thursday till sunday and now im fucked...
-0.2732 Of course Drop C again.
-0.2411 A short one this week which I intend to incorporate into a song, not sure yet..