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0.9547 That's pretty much the best compliment I could hope for :D
0.9481 It has, but I still want to try my hand at it :) That's what I was thinking of doing next, then combining that and this to show the alternate-universe Jedi best buds
0.9312 Wow, thanks, this is an amazing compliment!
0.9286 It's free and really awesome! Edit: Apparently it's not free anymore :( It's only $2 though.
0.8847 Yeah, I thought about doing that but I didn't since this is merely meant to show what Anakin might look like in the time between when he looked like Christensen and the time he looked like Shaw.
0.8834 Easy to use and produces great results, plus it's free on Softonic.
0.8793 I'm much more of a "traditional artist" than a photographer, but photography has always been something I've enjoyed, so I really appreciate it mate!
0.8779 Jaffee would continuously blow my mind with how creative he could be, I love that guy haha
0.8689 It's Mac-only unfortunately, but it's super effective and intuitive.
0.8588 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
0.8398 But thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

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-0.6115 Oh dang, that would be absolutely insane if artists from Lucasfilm actually saw this let alone used it in some way.
-0.5574 Sorry for being dumb, but...
-0.3875 I don't care who it is.
-0.3818 I knew some people would disagree though so that's why I put the non-beard one in the album too. If you mean literally where did I get it from, it's from contemporary Mark Hamill.
-0.3736 Hold up, is he missing an eyebrow??
-0.34 And no problem, thank you for modding.
-0.3182 If you could link or PM me the originals I could give it a shot this weekend. I'm a bit confused though, do you need me to change the color of your body to silver for 2 of the pictures?
-0.273 No guarantee with the walrus thing, but you never know ;)
-0.2498 It'll probably be the one I do next! (Also, I really want to see a force ghost in the sequel trilogy.
-0.2411 [I'm not sure how I feel about this]
-0.2411 Because I'm not sure if I change a non-silver you into a silver you.
-0.2057 As I've said in a couple other places in this thread, wrinkles don't often translate well in facemorphs.