/u/isaac24 is kind of a dick.

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0.8442 PRO 1-Nice face 2-Good smile 3-With work you would look amazing Con- 1- Weight 2- Skin hugging clothes that show your rolls.
0.8225 Amazing, they are just amazing.
0.8162 lol that is a really good joke.
0.7964 Good luck surviving St.
0.7783 *clap* Good defense, good defense.
0.743 As long as you are a grey in your heart then you are welcome to the kingdom of the pure and proud greys.
0.7269 I enjoy seeing people hold out hope for the button.
0.7003 Well yeah because a keyboard has keys in it just like woman has man in it.
0.659 Fucking always puts me in a good mood, so yeah why not both.
0.5859 Wow look at the kettle calling the pot black.
0.5859 You win this and many other rounds mr.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9133 Those people are where the problem starts and where it can stop, so no it does not stop at business people but they can and do force people into slavery to make a buck.
-0.9042 NO YOUR MOM IS THE ONE SUCKING DICK FOR CHINESE FOOD YOU BASTARD. ^^^^^^^^come ^^^^^^^^on ^^^^^^^^karma ^^^^^^^^train
-0.9001 OP wanted to see if reddit is stupid...............OP failed :( :( :(
-0.8809 don't.......unless you like chasing someone who will use a stupid weapon that has long ass range.
-0.8271 Again, it is not all business people but you can find more than a handful of business people that do use slavery.
-0.802 Scumbag purples always trying to blame everyone else for their shitty luck.
-0.7717 Punch of greed bastards over there.
-0.7579 I would give you the death sentence for being a fake grey.
-0.7184 if you are all up in his ass then he will mess you up.
-0.7096 You are a failure for abandoning the way of the greys.
-0.7065 "A NO is a NO toilet"
-0.7003 Shut your dirty, dirty mouth you filthy presser.