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0.936 Having a poke-nerd roommate is pretty awesome, and I've found some other pokemon loving friends.
0.9099 Unfortunately I don't have any good screenshots on hand but Fauna is my bff and recently she pinged me just to tell me that she's happy we're friends which almost made me cry.
0.8885 Oh wow, I'm definitely planning to SR for some legendaries, which I know will definitely be a huge time sink.
0.8715 Oh wow this is cute af thank you for the birthday shoutout!!
0.8486 I think it'd be an interesting spin on things to do this for Ariel, but my school is all about being super bright and colorful and kid-oriented, so I'm not sure that idea would fly.
0.8479 She's my favorite villager so it made me really happy to find out we share a birthday.
0.8436 and fair enough, i can def understand why garbage plates would be offputting to people lmao moe was one of my original villagers in my first town!!
0.7964 much love <3
0.7901 5/5 quick and super nice! http://www.reddit.com/r/ACTrade/comments/36klx3/lf_tulip_dresser_pansy_table_lucky_clovers_silver/
0.784 Definitely loving it!
0.7814 I love to play up my eyes, but I was feeling a bolder lip today so I went more subtle with them .

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-0.5848 You have a poison safari with Seviper and Swalot!
-0.5574 Given the risk of pregnancy though I doubt I'll be trying it out.
-0.4003 By the way, your safari is fire type with Growlithe and Slugma in the 1st two slots!
-0.3182 You have a ghost safari with Pumpkaboo and Shuppet.
-0.2008 My dad is sort of religious but really strangely against witchcraft, so I wasn't allowed to read it and I was left out of a lot of things because most of my friends are crazy about the series.
0.0 haven't been to that vietnamese place actually, i'll have to give it a try sometime!
0.0 Same here!!
0.0 Can't wait to see the rest!!
0.0 Once Fauna said to me "For a while now I've been thinking about how to live my life on my own terms.
0.0 what exactly are my terms?
0.0 Gates are open now!!
0.0 Give me just a few minutes and then you can come to my town if that works for you.