/u/ineedmorealts is kind of a dick.

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0.765 Here some of this artists other stuff https://e-hentai.org/g/957263/d8c69fc8a0/ https://e-hentai.org/g/839752/6ef6740bf6/ This guys stuff is great and I recommend you donate to him
0.7436 I highly doubt anyone can trust this administration to come up with a better plan to replace. Doing nothing would literally be better than this
0.7231 And it doesn't hurt anyone they know, so who cares?
0.6597 Yes, yes it does.
0.6369 Most pepe memes are at best based on a drawing this guy did and or fall under parody.
0.6249 Just tested it and waifu2x works great on it
0.6124 Or like me they just don't like to wait.
0.5994 Because some of us value things like rights necessary to a free and democratic nation over assaulting someone because they're mean
0.5719 . Yea, lets trust the paranoid guy to high to even kinda type right over the security professionals.
0.5719 Had gotten Obama numbers she would've won by a land slide.
0.5267 Link me as well please

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-0.926 No, alleged rape victims have to go to class with their alleged rapists.
-0.8689 I mean for fucks sake bad loans were one of if not the major causes of the 2008 collapse.
-0.8591 Yes because a crazy man who thinks CIA space niggers are coming to murder him would never fall in with a group that dislikes blacks. Nazis can be crazy, crazies can be Nazis
-0.8402 Rape is just a pain to prove.
-0.8316 Not to mention it does a whole fuck ton to protect people falsely accused of rape
-0.8225 I mean you have debt, so you go half way round the world to kill people in order to pay a bit of it off?
-0.7783 Saying shit like that is why no one will fuck up you
-0.7582 Yea, I really like bernie, but that motherfucker is old.
-0.7506 Rape is no were near legal.
-0.7096 Rapes hard to prove.
-0.7096 Such are the dangers of running widely disliked people
-0.7003 hmm No shit sherlock.