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0.8934 Hey thanks man I'm glad you liked it enough to stick around :)
0.8885 Anyways the video was pretty cool and definitely fun to watch.
0.872 I **do** think you should find your own style or find a way to put a spin on this style to switch it up but it was a fun montage of California and I enjoyed it
0.8588 Thanks man I'm glad you enjoyed it!
0.8516 Something to work on is trying to tell a story with the edit Anyways I loved it keep up the awesome work!
0.8405 I thought the shots were beautiful great work, the music seemed a little intense at some moments though.
0.8402 This is amazing Ive watched it loop for like 5 minutes now, that being said this is definitely not real, right?
0.836 Im pretty sure these were the inspiration for Fawkes from Harry Potter
0.7876 Just a thought, I really don't have a clue about this but it seems like it would work in my head lol
0.7537 Id have to say you swayed my opinion the most on it, you explained it and reasoned through it while still humouring my side of the opinion and not many people do that so thanks
0.7494 I'm glad you liked it and that's how I learned too!!

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-0.8519 My mum had a car roll over her foot/ankle and she needed surgery and has been bed ridden for about 5 months, she can walk with crutches now but it still hurts like a motherfucker
-0.7992 I love this, but that one frame you forgot to cut out is killing me
-0.7964 That is a complete shot in the dark but thats the vibe Im getting off of these comments Ive been reading and the only way I can make sense of their weirdly mad critiques.
-0.7579 Ok but did she say it was staged to cover her embarrassed ass or like did he also come out and say yeah it was fake
-0.558 I might be wrong, but isn't this the delivery company's fuck up and not really Amazon's fault?
-0.5423 Fuck trees
-0.5423 [Holy fuck Im dying lmao]
-0.5423 [well I guess Im not reading that article cause fuck them]
-0.497 Where's the fucking spider warning at huh???
-0.4019 God damn made me drop my phone
-0.3875 The left doesn't care about what they have to say as much as the right thinks they do.
-0.3612 People are people, you think mistakes really cant happen before a live keynote man?