/u/ilovexc is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9274 They keep me motivated :) Thank you for the compliment :)
0.9245 :) Thanks, I'll need the luck! By the way, I love your username.
0.9006 I love both running and other runners :D thank you!
0.8955 Your username makes me smile every time I see it haha :) Glad to be posting again!
0.8779 I love a good foot massage :)
0.8707 They're so cute AND comfortable :)
0.8658 Thanks so much to the lovely person who gave me gold :)
0.8494 Trying my best :D
0.8316 I hope I'm back for good this time :)
0.8143 Congrats :D
0.8126 Hahaha I'm curious why you know what your moms panties look like

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6416 You hate cross country???
-0.5423 My room has horrible lighting...
-0.4753 Whooa! I'm lame, I know.
-0.416 It actually says "5:30AM there's only one place to be, and it's not in bed" :) Running poster, of course!
-0.3595 I missed all of you too!
-0.34 Shawty fire burning on the dance floor..
-0.34 Nothing I can do :/
-0.2732 It's attached to the top :(
-0.2244 Unfortunately the sports bra is connected to the top!
-0.1695 Probably not ;)
-0.128 Not yet, I think if I did I would get too distracted and start masturbating in the bushes ;)
-0.016 I'm not sure that's possible ;)