/u/icc0ld is kind of a dick.

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0.8268 Really keen to see and hear more of it now. Thanks btw for the link :)
0.804 I'm pretty glad none of the gun owners here know where I live
0.7506 Pretty much what I did with a friend to start my Harlequins by splitting the box in half.
0.7302 I think it looks a little bit bigger if I'm honest but regardless I am very interested in this ship.
0.7184 You should write a research paper on it, I'm sure they'd be happy to publish it.
0.6896 Oh wow, you just won't stop with the child porn
0.6705 It would be pretty cool to have a carrier out there as a base of operations as you move through the galaxy
0.6705 It honestly looks like you're not even reading the article you're trying to use.
0.6682 We've known this for quite sometime. I love how it's "political correctness" to post up some facts and studies about guns.
0.6597 It seems like they regulated their militia better than we do now.
0.6486 I wasn't really very taken but I did enjoy it.

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-0.9501 Weapons to kill people A fantasy cannot kill or inflict harm in and of itself.
-0.9001 This article provides a nice pile of studies showing gun carrying has largely no effect if any effect on reducing crime, let alone rape.
-0.8957 What part of "Well I don't expect WW2 was fought via both sides raping each other to death" was confusing?
-0.872 Well I don't expect WW2 was fought via both sides raping each other to death.
-0.8689 When hammers kill 30,000 people and year and the National Hammer Association throws millions in bribes at politicians I will consider hammer makers and the National Hammer Association terrorists
-0.836 Why are you arguing that laws stop criminals now?
-0.7506 Heh, the biggest danger to a gun owner is themselves.
-0.7269 We should ignore the loudest and ineffectual gun owners when they say "we could revolt".
-0.7184 Profiteering off a tragedy.
-0.7003 No one else would give enough of a shit.
-0.7003 Not the criminal horde they think exists to target gun owners.
-0.6908 Taking gun nut as an insult?