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0.7906 Perfect example of an owl that actually enjoys human contact
0.7876 They also eat monkeys but obviously sloths are easier to catch But sometimes you get hilarity like this: https://youtu.be/bTwqVn_HjXA
0.7195 I actually had this argument with someone else a while ago: the consensus we arrived at was that *owls are terrible animals to interact with, but perfectly fine animals to observe in captivity.*
0.6675 So having an owl in an outdoor aviary and fed rodents isn't cruel, even though keeping an owl to play with it is.
0.6369 Not sure if this is a good idea
0.5994 Marine predator evolution is a fascinating thing because we have a succession of animal groups filling the role after the previous grip gets hit hard.
0.5859 As long as you get joy out of him he's a pet
0.5106 The eagle is better armed, and obviously won, but the crane is a bit heavier.
0.4939 The female shows parental care, let her do much of the work Do go on arachnoboards.com.
0.4588 For most reptiles it's genetic sex determination like everything else. This is one reason reptiles are mistakenly thought of as being "more primitive" than mammals.
0.4404 If you think dog ownership is easy I have news for you...

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-0.802 Not that bad, aside from them going crazy at night and sometimes getting loose.
-0.7177 Someone clone Haast's eagles and set them loose to eat the alien species. Then repeat that with Megalania in Australia. Revenge of the natives!
-0.7003 Sadly mantids are banned where I live
-0.6808 Hell by that logic the entirety of r/aquariums, r/tarantulas and r/snakes cannot exist.
-0.6369 Goliath groupers....endangered species starting to regain lost ground. People want to try and make them endangered again because they have learnt to steal fishermen's catches
-0.6369 The main problem with the argument here is that it gives far too narrow a definition of what a pet is, by limiting it to animals one can keep indoors and interact with.
-0.5859 I have seen this before. Sadly they actually removed this from their web page so they can claim this is a false accusation.
-0.5719 I think in that video the eagle was the pathetic one...
-0.5413 Shark-eating animals usually do more damage
-0.507 There could be more stuff banned in other places tho
-0.4767 Except that OP got the definition of a pet wrong.
-0.4404 Considering that they can actually produce shockwaves with their tails, I'd imagine that it would suck.